Welcome! Take a peek around and learn a little bit more about me.

The short version is that I am:

  • A passionate, and compassionate, rural dweller who understands rural library situations.
  • A website wrangler experienced in using all manner of code and systems that are appropriate for the given situation.
  • A pragmatic problem solver dedicated to finding the appropriate tools for challenging jobs.
  • An engaging and enthusiastic public speaker.
  • A talented trainer with a proven record of excellence and client satisfaction in rolling out tech and training projects large and small.
  • A hands-on learner.
  • A skilled supervisor with a combination of leadership skills and empathy.

To this point in my life I have: built my own house, walked from Los Angeles to New York, walked from New York to Nevada, worked with the elderly and dying, worked in public libraries, and learned blacksmithing.
My life is often in “beta”, and that is okay with me.